Charlotte Cory

Charlotte Cory

The Grand Visitoria Theatre

The Grand Visitoria Theatre is available from Benjamin Pollocks Toyshop, Covent Garden.

Pollock’s Toy Theatres were first produced in Victorian London as souvenirs of live theatre. Printed by the publishers of toy theatres, Theatrical Portraits were the posters of their day, featuring the celebrated performers of the live stage. The prints could be hand coloured and embellished with foil and glitter and were known as ‘tinsels’.

Charlotte Cory has created a range of contemporary theatrical prints in which her characters star in imaginary dramas on her imaginary stage at the ‘Grand Visitoria’, a theatre far grander and more colourful than any built of bricks and mortar…

The Pollock’s Folder contains an illustrated sheet of the ‘Grand Visitoria’ story by Charlotte Cory,  6 black and white x A4 prints on GF Smith 340gsm art paper, including 5 plates to colour in and 1 x theatrical frame created using an original  Victorian toy theatre wooden printing block.  Also included are a pack of gold ‘dresdens’ – scraps for ‘tinselling’  your portrait. Please note, the images shown are the black & white supplied prints which our team coloured & decorated as an example.These prints are supplied uncoloured.

Colour me, colour me, colour me do,

Bright red the bonnet, then a crinoline blue

Violet the cape, its big ruffles too,

Lavender ribbons and soft peach the shoe -

We have crayons aplenty and pictures to view

Oh, colour me, colour me, colour anew,

Colour me, colour me, colour me do!