Charlotte Cory

About Charlotte Cory

CHARLOTTE CORY is a London based artist and writer best known for her VISITORIANA - a complete, fantastical, "wholly believable" alternative 19th Century.  A post-Darwinian universe of reworked, recycled, collaged and montaged Victorian "carte de visite" photography and her own photography combined with taxidermy.  This is a world in which the animals - or "Visitorians" as we must call them now for they are neither wholly animal nor entirely human being - are in charge.  Her artworks are in the Royal Collection at Windsor, and have been sold at art fairs all round the world, and exhibited in galleries in Britain, France and Germany, the USA and including the Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibitions in London.   There are six books of her artwork currently available together with a beautiful set of playing cards and her images can be found on silk scarves and wallpaper.   The Sir John Soane's Museum in London produces an exclusive range of stationery and homeware based on her artwork to sell in their shop.  She divides her time between Greenwich on the Thames,where she has a big 1863 Columbian press with an eagle on top, and Sancerre on the Loire, where she works on a small cast iron 1832 Albion press, that once belonged to the wood engraver and a friend, Joan Hassall.  It's a Tale of Two Presses...  Cory's artwork is represented by the Woolff Gallery, in Charlotte Street in central London.

Charlotte Cory is also the author of 3 novels published by Faber and Faber and numerous original BBC radio drama series and plays.  Her life is dominated by a mischievous, highly opinionated but adorable wire-haired fox terrier called Bessie.